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Visit Flanders

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The Flemish Region Flanders commonly known as Belgium is a Dutch-speaking area in the north of the country and one of 3 Belgian regions. Brussels, the national capital considered a region in itself, lies near Flanders’ southern edge. Its Royal Museum of Fine Arts has a large collection of paintings by Flemish masters. Antwerp has a reputation for fashion and design and is a port city with a major diamond trade centre.
Ypres, the Flemish town is known not only for its traditional charms but for its harrowing past as the site of some of WW1’s most notorious battlefields. You can tour the infamous ‘Flanders Fields’ and its poignant war memorials, cemeteries and museums which mark the outskirts of this now modern town.

Ghent City Centre is Belgium’s best-kept secret. It is a cosmopolitan university city with imposing churches, some of the most beautiful medieval architecture in Europe and top quality museums.

Built in the late 12th century by the Count of Flanders, the dramatic Gravensteen Castle meaning ‘Castle of the Counts’ still looms over the centre of Ghent and remains one of Belgium’s most important medieval castles. It has been the residence of the Counts, a textile plant and even a prison and you can learn about its colourful history by tour.

It is suggested that you spend at least 3 days in both Ghent and Flanders to make the most of what is on offer. Whether it’s to discover art, food and drink, architecture, romantic places or shopping, Flanders really does have it all; all year round.